The Legacy

In my 58th year of life I have come to the conclusion that there are six core areas every human should aspire to. They are imagination, the ability to read, the ability to write your thoughts down, the ability to do basic mathematics, to be inquisitive about everything and above all else DREAM!

Imagination is one of the most valuable tools you will ever possess. Without imagination you will not feel the warmth of the desert sun or the cold of an Arctic chill, or any depth of emotion in the content of a good book. A fertile imagination will also allow you to find solutions to problems that sometimes can’t be seen with your eyes. Imagination is the most incredible tool in the pursuit of your ambitions.

There are many types of reader and not all find it easy, but the more you read the easier it gets and the broader your depth of comprehension. Many young people now seem to think reading is a chore and give the skill little time to develop. I believe that by reading fiction from a broad spectrum of authors will lead to at least one or two becoming a favourite and inspiring the reader to consume more of their content. For me it’s Clive Cussler in fiction and I have every one of his books but I also read many other fictional offerings. Sometimes a title does not reveal the jewel of the content so never judge a book by its cover! Reading biographies of your heroes or those that lead your field of expertise can also be a great source of inspirational development.

An ability to write your thoughts down is also a basic requirement. I will let you into a secret, the reason I write using a computer is because my handwriting is an illegible scrawl that even I have trouble re-reading and my punctuation is also questionable. Years ago when I was at school I would have been considered nearly illiterate. Today there are many tools to help you, from spell checkers to voice to text recorders. So really nobody has any excuse not to get their thoughts down as hard copy and I have to admit that although my handwriting is appalling, it is often the only way to get the thoughts out of my head fast enough when I have an idea. When you read your vocabulary improves and in turn the content of your written thoughts also improve.

My views on mathematics are probably the most contentious by the learned and underestimated by the student. When I was young, great emphasis was placed on basic maths such as multiplication up to and including the twelve times table, the addition and subtraction of very small fractional numbers to very large whole numbers, division of numbers and the relationship between the numerators. I wish more time had been given to understand basic maths and to explain that advanced mathematics such as equations are really just a taster of the truly advanced and varied disciplines of mathematics that your profession may take you in. When you are young, take time to learn the basics. It is not easy but again perseverance is key to your understanding and success.

Leaving school and your early working years can be a time of turmoil and lack of fulfilment. How anyone can truly know what they will enjoy for an occupation when they have little or no experience of working life is impossible. How many young (and older) people are trapped in jobs that do not inspire or motivate them to use and develop all of their skills. Having an inquisitive mind about everything can lead you in directions you had possibly never thought about as a career or solution to a problem. Be a seeker of all knowledge especially those that interest you.

Last but not least and arguably the most important, dare to dream. Success is measured by the failure strewn path you will tread on your journey through life. Failure is not to be taken as a literal but more a step in your learning curve. Failure is only a true failure if you learn nothing from it. Never lose sight of your dreams and make sure your dreams are BIG!

I have been very lucky in my life so far and if I can inspire just one person to strive for a more fulfilled life, I will be a happy man. So let me give you a little insight into my success. At school above being a Motocross champion, I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer, inspired by the space race to land on the moon. Life took me in a different path at school that meant I left at 15 years old with no exams taken or even any school grade. Furthermore, the job I had found myself in ceased to trade and even now I remember the day that I realised I had no qualifications and no future in fact absolutely nothing! Move forward 40 years or so and I can look back at a career path in which I have owned several small business ventures in a variety of fields including a twelve year stint building a successful haulage business from a measly $600 to a $1,600,000 turnover before selling up to go back to college to study advanced computer application programming to add to my motor vehicle engineering and transport related qualifications. A time as a non-professional motocross racer racing my own hand built machinery in the seventies and eighties to working in Formula 1, MotoGp and World Rally in a supporting role for many of the top teams and their sponsors. I have visited and driven in more than thirty countries and stayed in the best of hotels that had it not been for my job I would not have done or experienced.

I may not be a millionaire financially but I am a billionaire in the value of my experiences! Right now I am back driving a truck (or semi if your reading this in the states) I am a team leader and driver trainer for one of the UK’s leading food groups and hoping to pass on my skills as a driver so others may develop theirs further.

Am I something special? No, I certainly am not. I am no different than anyone else and I firmly believe that anyone can do what I have done and even a lot more. It all depends on how motivated you are to discover your true calling and pursue it to the level you want. There is no shame in changing direction at any point as how do we know where a path leads us until we travel it?

Am I at the end of my journey? NEVER!! Until my dying breath I will be striving to achieve, learn, be inquisitive and dream. Where will it lead me? I don’t know. But what I do know is that opportunity has to be pursued through continuous personal development. Through continuous practice of the above six core skills I have highlighted you will become a truly proficient master of your own destiny. I am in charge of my destiny and I still have a big dream so watch this space. What do you dare to dream?

The Indiana Jones Business Concept

Why do I compare the “Indiana Jones” films to being in business?

The answer is simple really when you think about it. In the series of films, “Indy” the main character, is always seeking some treasure or other and at every turn he is confronted by obstacles that require great thought. One wrong move and he will die or fail in his task as his enemies as well as the path to the treasure continue to conspire against him. He has an uncanny ability to use anything to hand to his advantage, especially his trademark bullwhip.

While dying building a business is a bit extreme but not unheard of, giving extreme thought to each step you make as you build your business is. Your plan needs to include a strategy that takes from being a business owner doing everything, to a business entrepreneur that has succeeded in automating, outsourcing or delegating the doing and is now devoting his time to the marketing and ultimate sales strategies required to make you rich. Can you duplicate your business model? If your business can be automated somehow to make it less ‘hands on’, can you apply the same model to one or more other business ventures to leverage your income strategy? Your business doesn’t have to be complex, or want to be for that matter! unless, you are quite happy just being a business owner and enjoy doing what you do, the choice is yours.  Your goal should not be to ‘work to death’, but ‘work to live the life you want’.

Not only do you have to plan your entry into business, but also the often neglected strategy of how you will exit your business. An incorrectly planned exit strategy can relieve you of all you’re hard earned financial success just as easily as making the wrong manufacturing and marketing moves on your business journey.

Undoubtedly during your journey, you will come across extreme situations where your financial path is threatened. At these times your entrepreneurial skills will need to be honed to a fine degree to find new opportunities to make, sell or complement your products. You will need to think outside of the box and study the habits and strategies of your competition before implementing a plan to maintain or take the sales lead in your field.

It’s a long hard road you will travel, but one you will undoubtedly regret never travelling if you don’t take the chance on achieving financial freedom. Don’t let family and friends put you off your dreams, if you can see your plan running smoothly in your head then go for it. The ‘Power of Dreams’ is a well known tool of the entrepreneur. You never know, with the right research and plan; the world may just be ready for your discovery.

So grab your hat, check your six, watch your step and focus on your treasure. Oh, and leave the bullwhip at home as it may scare your employees and customers!

System Mechanic

Does your computer run slower than it used to? Do you have computer problems that just won’t go away? Over the years I have suffered from these problems and many more with my computers. Despite trying all sorts of software that promises to solve my computers problems, I found nothing that could do it all. That was until last year when I came across ‘System Mechanic’. I rate this as the best piece of computer maintenance software I have ever come across. I refuse to recommend products I don’t believe in, but ‘System Mechanic’ is exceptionally good at what it does, and without you having to be technically minded. When Iolo  the makers of ‘System Mechanic’ came up with this referral program I couldn’t resist passing on my experience of the product to you. I run it on a Windows XP machine, a Windows Vista machine and a Windows 7 machine, and all have benefited from the installation and I recommend ‘System Mechanic’ to my friends at every opportunity even before the referral program, because it is that good. On Vista and Windows 7 machines, it installs an app that sits in the sidebar, and visually shows you your systems performance. Once the light move down the graduated scale you just click on ‘System Mechanic’ to find and solve the problems, and in a very short space of time your machine will be back in tip top shape. When you purchase ‘System Mechanic’ it is based on a yearly subscription with options to extend the subscription made available to you at advantageous prices during the first year. What better recommendation can I give you other than telling you that I am so impressed I have extended my subscription already! Anyway, don’t take my word for it, just try it! I am fully confident that once you use ‘System Mechanic’ you will not want to give it up. Go on spoil your computer with a little TLC today!

Business and ‘The Power of Dreams’!

It’s a Fact ‘The Power of Dreams’ Can Help your Business!

The motor manufacturer Honda use “The Power of Dreams” in their business advertising campaigns. Most people may think that it’s just a catchy phrase but there is much more to it than that. Nearly everyone on the planet thinks in pictures and then converts it to words or speech. Words are the raw materials of thought. In the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz he quotes a business associate telling him “What I want around me are people who can solve problems, who can think up ideas. I want people who can dream and develop the dream into a practical application. An idea man can make money with me, a fact man can’t”

I personally have experienced the value of the power of dreams by visualizing or imagining what I am trying to achieve in business. One such experience was when I had a transport business. I started with one truck but wanted the company to look bigger than it was to enable me to generate the discounts and also the work that larger transport companies could. Anytime I could grab a few quiet moments I tried to visualise what I wanted the trucks to look like, the colours, the livery, and the trailers they would pull and the work I wanted them to do. Eventually after some weeks I had the definitive ‘Vision’ and proceeded to apply it to the vehicles. It was an absolute success. Many people thought I had more trucks than just the five I owned mainly because of the striking ‘once seen never forgotten clean livery’ I had envisaged. Each truck was personalised with its unique name in small script on each side. Even the general public who generally hate trucks commented favourably on them. In fact how many times have you seen a bus load of pensioners queuing up to look inside a large truck? Just one of the experiences I had with one of the vehicles while in Germany.

Sometimes it takes a lot of visualisation to refine the idea but hardly without exception, the more successful projects are the ones I visualise, and they are usually far more successful than those I do not.

Generally the best results are achieved while being totally relaxed in a warm, quiet environment. Just try completely chilling out, close your eyes and visualize the idea. Focus on how you want the objective to look. Do not recognise any of the problems that stand in your way. Concentrate on the details and reverse engineer the process to find out how to do it if you have to. You may find it hard initially but practice makes perfect so never give up, just try again.

Honda knows the value of “the power of dreams” look at their technical innovations. Many other people: successful people also know the hidden power of dreams.

Try it for yourself, visualise your idea’s or business concept, write them down and modify them until you find the definitive solution. Your business marketing strategy may just take off!