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If You Have A Passion – Just Do It

I have an urgent message for you. If you have a dream or a passion follow it without distraction.

From day one it was a struggle financially as I had very little money when I started. As my outfit got bigger so did the workload, and as I started employing more drivers, so did the headaches of keeping the trucks moving and legal. Anyway, to cut a long story short, my knowledge of the business allowed me to see via my projections that transport was starting to decline as legislation became tougher. So I decided to sell up, on the premise that I would find a new business venture. Initially, I wondered if I had done the right thing but felt vindicated a couple of years later when road haulage in the U.K. Did take a dive for the small operator.

I went back to college and studied advanced application programming, passed all my exams and promptly decided that I probably couldn’t sit in an office all day programming. So I got my thinking head on again and believe it or not a few weeks later, a job as a truckie for a top British Superbike team came along. This in turn led to a job working for a support company supplying manpower and solutions in MotoGP for another top team, and then into Formula 1 supporting a very well know Italian team with red cars, that had a very skilled German driver working for them at the time. This job took me all over the World, working in many areas of Motorsport at a very high standard of work. Some years later, travelling had lost its lustre and I yearned to be home with my long suffering wife and kids more.

I wanted to start another business but still couldn’t think of what to do. Needing money to support my family, I went back to driving a truck for a large company. Thirteen years later and in my sixtieth year, I am still driving a truck for a large company albeit a different one, and I still yearn for my own business again despite still not knowing what I want to do.

Life seemed to last forever in my twenties, thirties and forties, but when you get in to your sixties, the years become a blur as they pass. This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped searching for my next adventure and I am sure the next chapter of my life’s journey is not far away.
So my message to you is follow your dream, follow your passion, take a chance while you are young. Life is but a blur as time goes by and the worst thing that can happen to you, is to get to your death bed wishing you had taken a chance.

I don’t have too many regrets as I have done many things that other people would have loved to have done. None of it has been easy though, also I still have that niggling feeling that I haven’t achieved my full potential, and that I have to leave my mark on this world as a legacy if nothing else. As Sir Richard Branson says ” Screw it, let’s do it”. It’s a worthy sentiment.

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