Marketing Strategies – Much Like Fishing

Having The Right ‘Bait’ For Your Marketing Strategies.

Marketing strategies are much like Fishing. Finding a pool of hungry fish is fairly easy, as is casting your line into the waiting mass. But why does a fish choose another fisherman’s bait rather than yours? The bait looks the same, but something must attract one bait over another. Is it a visual thing? Is the taste or something entirely different? The skill is to find out what it is, and this may take many years. Your marketing strategies present just the same problems as a fisherman experiences.  A subtle change to the bait or conditions may result in what worked before not working now. The secret to the skill, is understanding all the variables that catch a fish on any given day and that only comes with experience. If something doesn’t work then try something else, but don’t change too much all at once. Find a baseline, then, change one thing. If it works better, keep that as the baseline if not revert back to the original baseline. Then change something else and determine if that is an improvement or not. Work out what combinations of elements work, and what doesn’t work. Keep a record your results so you don’t try something more than once.

Marketing strategies are just the same. Find a pool of hungry customers, cast your offer line into the pool and then determine if your sales bait is better or worse than your competitor. Determine your baseline and change one variable only, to see if sales increase or decrease. Then use the fishing analogy to determine what changes you must make to your sales pitch to catch your fish.