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Business and ‘The Power of Dreams’!

It’s a Fact ‘The Power of Dreams’ Can Help your Business!

The motor manufacturer Honda use “The Power of Dreams” in their business advertising campaigns. Most people may think that it’s just a catchy phrase but there is much more to it than that. Nearly everyone on the planet thinks in pictures and then converts it to words or speech. Words are the raw materials of thought. In the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz he quotes a business associate telling him “What I want around me are people who can solve problems, who can think up ideas. I want people who can dream and develop the dream into a practical application. An idea man can make money with me, a fact man can’t”

I personally have experienced the value of the power of dreams by visualizing or imagining what I am trying to achieve in business. One such experience was when I had a transport business. I started with one truck but wanted the company to look bigger than it was to enable me to generate the discounts and also the work that larger transport companies could. Anytime I could grab a few quiet moments I tried to visualise what I wanted the trucks to look like, the colours, the livery, and the trailers they would pull and the work I wanted them to do. Eventually after some weeks I had the definitive ‘Vision’ and proceeded to apply it to the vehicles. It was an absolute success. Many people thought I had more trucks than just the five I owned mainly because of the striking ‘once seen never forgotten clean livery’ I had envisaged. Each truck was personalised with its unique name in small script on each side. Even the general public who generally hate trucks commented favourably on them. In fact how many times have you seen a bus load of pensioners queuing up to look inside a large truck? Just one of the experiences I had with one of the vehicles while in Germany.

Sometimes it takes a lot of visualisation to refine the idea but hardly without exception, the more successful projects are the ones I visualise, and they are usually far more successful than those I do not.

Generally the best results are achieved while being totally relaxed in a warm, quiet environment. Just try completely chilling out, close your eyes and visualize the idea. Focus on how you want the objective to look. Do not recognise any of the problems that stand in your way. Concentrate on the details and reverse engineer the process to find out how to do it if you have to. You may find it hard initially but practice makes perfect so never give up, just try again.

Honda knows the value of “the power of dreams” look at their technical innovations. Many other people: successful people also know the hidden power of dreams.

Try it for yourself, visualise your idea’s or business concept, write them down and modify them until you find the definitive solution. Your business marketing strategy may just take off!